Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding The Simple Joys

I probably had the most battles lately, well at least in the last year, with...myself!  With our family now living here in Spain (Seville) it has been at times daunting, exciting, depressing, confusing, you get the picture.  I felt as if for a moment I lost myself, actually, let me be honest with myself, I did lose myself somewhere in the blah!

I am a type of person, and all that know me, a 'busy body' and always trying to do something.  I just cannot keep still!  I laugh to myself thinking about how well-rounded I am, at least that is what my husband tells me, he is right by the way!  Here is the skinny, I went to UNC Charlotte started off as a double major Spanish and biology.  Then transferred to Fayetteville State University and minored in Spanish and majored in Psychology with a concentration in biopsychology!  Uh, towards the end I had some doubts...I bought a town house in my junior year of college and starting working with a new project for the company BCBG MaxAzria MaxRave Group.  I then received a promotion as co-manager and was allotted to travel and re-merchandise other stores converting over.  Well...I went to school for Real Estate! Ha.  Where did that come from?!  My father owns a real estate company and needed some help and he said I had 'what it took' to be successful with people.  I agree, I am very social...I did end up doing property management for a year and a half, that was NOT my cup of tea at times.
I wanted a change and love hosting events, SO...through the influence of a colleague decided to get into event planning!  I am a certified Wedding Consultant and Event Planner (ACPWC).  I only used that two times.  I recently talked of another thought of a business venture with a friend and colleague for a children's boutique accessory line...Well, that is still floating in the air :-)

Okay, okay, what's my point you ask?!?  Where am I?  Besides being all over the place? Ha!  I am in life on cruise control, accelerating at times, but I am steady.  I want to practice praying consistently for guidance, that seems to work best for me.  The problem is God has blessed me with SO many talents that I just do not know which one to tune in on :-)  No, really, my best friend told me she could not see me working for anyone again, I am just too gifted and a born leader, entrepreneur.  I agree, it's in my blood, both of my parents own their own businesses for years and are successful, I love that.  I am finding that balance between life and home, believe me we all know that is not easy, especially with children.  I believe God has something great for me, once I follow His instructions and go forward and not backwards, again...

To all that are reading this, I am definitely rediscovering my life, the blessings and people in and the joys within my home.  Keep me in prayer.  I am finding the balance to continue to do this often.  Here is your window into my life.

Enjoy & Blessings.